PO BOX 14940
Baton Rouge, LA 70898 
Phone: (225) 326-3180

Formed in 2001, LASCA is your state association. There are more than seventy licensed ASCs in Louisiana. We are united in our mission to protect, expand, and improve the ability of ambulatory surgery centers to effectively serve our patients and to continue to provide our physicians the highly efficient and caring facility and staff they need to be productive in their surgical practice.

We Believe… 
We must defend and preserve the right of the licensed ambulatory surgery facility to provide all appropriate outpatient surgical services to our patients; 
We must preserve the right of physicians that use our surgery centers to be active in the management and direction of our facilities and , if the option is available, to maintain an ownership interest in the facility where they treat their patients; We must work continuously to preserve and improve our fee structures and ability to generate revenues needed to support competitive, safe, and efficient quality care ; We must be active in our state and federal legislative and regulatory processes to support our interests and to prevent efforts by others to undermine our ongoing success. We must be united and act together to be effective in preserving our industry and our livelihood and the value we offer to Louisiana’s patients and physicians. 

Our Mission  
It is our sole mission and purpose to represent the interests of licensed ambulatory surgery centers and the patients you serve. The Louisiana Ambulatory Surgery Center Association is arguably one of the most effective medical specialty societies in our state. We are the only organization focused solely on ambulatory surgery interests in Louisiana.