Types of Membership:

YOUR INVOLVEMENT BY BECOMING A MEMBER IS CRITICAL to strengthen our association efforts to not only monitor, but to positively influence how our legislative and regulatory officials here in Louisiana develop and adopt laws which dramatically impact our facility operations. As a united group we have the ability to open doors and to sway opinions and participate in the many key processes which affect our ability to operate and succeed. There are many key issues which affect our ambulatory surgery facility industry which require our attention and efforts to shape public policy here in Louisiana: Licensing standards, ownership restrictions, eligible procedures for the ASC, hours of operation, efforts to reduce workers compensation payments, taxation, regulation of personnel, Medicaid eligibility and reimbursement, medical records access and retention, public right to know and compare fees, insurance payment regulations and limits for auditing cases. These are but a few, but there are many, many more.


We must strengthen our numbers and become more active in preserving our interests or we will face the constant uncertainty of what other well-organized groups such as the health insurance industry and the hospital association will sponsor to harm our facilities, our owners, and our ability to serve our patients. We need your active involvement to share in the effort it requires to effectively voice our position. 

Members of LASCA receive access to regular email reports from our lobbyist who comprehensively tracks the legislative and regulatory efforts ongoing in Louisiana which affect ambulatory surgery centers. Our association reviews the potential impact to our industry and coordinates with our members to effectively voice our position for or against specific measures. We may also develop and pursue a sponsor for legislation we believe is needed to protect or improve our ASC industry. We cooperate and work together to be effective.

During the 2009 Regular legislative session, LASCA worked hard to defeat House and Senate Bills that would have made massive changes to the scope and operation of Louisiana’s workers’ compensation system. There were many egregious elements contained in the bills sponsored by the Louisianans for Workers’ Comp Reform. 

During the 2008 Regular Legislative session, LASCA worked hard to defeat Senate Bill 599 by Senator Nick Gautreaux which would have prohibited any physician from referring a patient to an ancillary service provider in which the physician has an ownership interest.  

As we launch this effort to maximize our voices, we invite you to join us and become a member of the only organization which is dedicated to preserving your licensed ASC and your ability to effectively operate in Louisiana. An application for membership is attached for you to complete and return. We urge you to take this important step to protecting your ASC facility and the physicians and patients you serve by becoming involved .Please help make a difference.